About Me

My passion for photography began after sharing a room whilst working abroad, with a wonderful photographer who’d recently completed an HND in Photography and was producing stunning images of the Greek island we were working on.  I longed to take photographs like hers and so set about learning. 

That was over 12 years ago now. Over that time I’ve developed a creative eye and a relaxed, informal style, producing work that is natural and fresh looking.  The images reflect the mood and character of those I photograph. 

Patience is a virtue – and it really is when photographing people. Whether it’s the newest of babies, a bride’s adoring glance towards her new husband or a little person, who’s just not that keen on having his photograph taken, it’s essential to slow down, relax and simply enjoy having fun with the camera.  I really do want whoever I photograph, to enjoy their photographic experience and to head home, feeling excited by their time with me and looking forward to seeing the final pictures.